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The Brain Imaging Facility of the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF Aachen) is the central facility for planning, executing and analysing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies within the Medical Faculty of the RWTH Aachen University.

We provide technical infrastructure, advice and support for functional MRI studies and coordinate their execution in collaboration with several clinics of RWTH Aachen University. We are dedicated to clinical research and development of related methods and techniques.

We regularly host several educational courses and colloquia related to the field of neuroimaging.

A list of recent publications supported by us can be found here.


Dr. Rea Rodriguez-Raecke


Bernice Dauda

Technical Assistant

Bruno Leitão

Systems Administrator

Dr. Oleg Poznansky

MR Physicist

Christoph Ritter

Data Analysis, Consulting

André Schüppen

Data Analysis, Development

Dr. Rik Sijben

Data Analysis, Consulting


Neuroimaging Colloquium

Educational courses (send us an email to enroll)


There are several resources available at the BIF, such as an olfactometer, a gustometer, Sniffin' Sticks, a behavioural lab, a seminar room, and equipment for recording physiological data. All of these resources can be booked with

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Pauwelsstr. 30, D-52074 Aachen


+49 (241) 80-89150