Neuroimaging Colloquium 2022
Date Team Department Speaker Title
20.01.2022 Prof. Timm Pöppl PS cancelled
03.02.2022 Prof. Ute Habel PS Franziska Göttgens Alcohol-related aggression and impulsivity
17.02.2022 Prof. Kathrin Reetz N Julia Ebert Automatic multi-label segmentation of the spinal cord in neurodegenerative diseases
03.03.2022 Prof. Kerstin Konrad KJP Theresa Heinen Neural network maturation underlying top-down motor control and movement initiation in childhood and adolescence
17.03.2022 Prof. Natalya Chechko PS Elena Losse, Maya Armin Olfactory-hormonal signals for human behaviour — Can we smell ovulation and pregnancy?
31.03.2022 Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski N cancelled
14.04.2022 Prof. Florian Holtbernd N Prof. Florian Holtbernd Exploring the effect of ethanol on cerebral blood flow and the gamma-aminobutyric acid neurotransmitter system in essential tremor
28.04.2022 Prof. Klaus Mathiak PS Franziska Klein fMRI-informed validation of target brain areas for fNIRS neurofeedback training
12.05.2022 Prof. Kathrin Reetz N Dr. Sandro Romanzetti A longitudinal, multimodal MRI characterization in Cuban SCA2
26.05.2022 Christi Himmelfahrt
09.06.2022 Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski/Prof. Stefan Heim N/PS Dorothea Peitz Brain imaging of chronic and acute aphasia in Aachen
Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski N Tamar Giorgobiani fMRI Techniques for Studying Neural Substrates of Expressive Agrammatism and Normal Language Production
23.06.2022 cancelled
07.07.2022 Prof. Ute Habel PS Sebastian Scheliga Multisensory processing in patients with small-fiber neuropathy: An EEG-fMRI study
Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski N Lukas Lorentz Neural substrates of virtual reality-based attention training
21.07.2022 Prof. Kathrin Reetz N Christian Hohenfeld rsfMRI in Post-Covid
04.08.2022 Prof. Klaus Mathiak PS Gustavo Pamplona, PhD Neural Mechanisms of Neurofeedback Reward Processing
18.08.2022 Prof. Irene Neuner PS
Prof. Lisa Wagels PS Vesal Moaiyed Aggressive behavior in Epilepsy patients: Psychopathology and neuroimaging biomarkers under treatment with Levetiracetam or Perampanel
01.09.2022 Prof. Kerstin Konrad KJP Dr. Marisa Nordt High-level visual cortex as a window into the developing brain
15.09.2022 Prof. Natalya Chechko PS
29.09.2022 Prof. Martin Wiesmann NR
13.10.2022 Prof. Ute Habel PS
27.10.2022 Dr. Jochen Seitz KJP
10.11.2022 Prof. Kathrin Reetz N Alexa Häger MOVE
24.11.2022 Prof. Klaus Mathiak PS
08.12.2022 Prof. Ferdinand Binkofski N