Variable rate, fully programmable 7+1 channel Gustatometer with subject feedback and sub-second data resolution for fMRI and electrophysiological studies of the gustatory system


In the box

- ETT Gustatometer 1

- Stimulant/tastant –bag holder rack

- 1 set of food safe bags for the stimulants

- 1 food safe tubing set (0.5m, 8 channel) between reservoir bags and peristaltic pumps (incl. all necessary connectors)

- 2 sets of replacement tubing for each peristaltic pump

- Customized mouthpiece/applicator

- 1 PTFE tubing set (8 m, 8 channel) between applicator and device (Incl. all necessary connectors)

- Swallow sensor belt with digital input (optional)

- Subject feedback pad with digital input (optional)

- Power cord

- Coax cable with connectors

- Optical trigger convertor (optional)

Ports and Details

- Front-panel:

o Data I/O for SD-card

o Trigger in for paradigm start on external TTL pulse

o Trigger out to supply TTL pulse on each paradigm cycle start

- Back-Panel:

o Channel 1 to 7 stimulant intake and outlet

o Rinse/Flush channel intake and outlet

o Air out (low air flow upon request for airflow in applicator/mouthpiece)

o AC input

o Power voltage adjust switch (110/220 V)


Weights and Measurements

- 14”(L) x 8”(H) x 12”(D) , 23 lbs / 10.5 kg (device only)

Color Options

- Blue front-panel with gray body

Features and Performance

- Easy-to-use paradigm designer, with full flexibility in timing and amounts (1 drop to 10 ml) delivered for each individual channel

- Multiple trigger start control options including industry standard TTL pulse (like MRI RF trigger) or an external trigger source

- Trigger out to supply TTL pulse on each stimulation event can trigger external device

Memory and Storage

- Up to 2GB SDRAM flash memory cards


- Input Voltage: 110V/220V

- Power requirements: 100W

Sound and noise level

- Optional feedback sounds

- Pumps rates less than 15 dB at 1 meter


- Full function user-programmable central control unit with 5’’ touch-screen display

- 8 independent peristaltic pumps

- Customizable applicator/mouthpiece

- Customizable MRI RF-coil mount for applicator

- 8 channel PTFE tubing set between source and applicator


- Trigger out with a TTL pulse (+5V, ≥10ms)

- Trigger in with a TTL pulse (+5V, ≥10ms)

- Optional subject touch response pad

- Optional subject swallow monitoring


- 5’’ full color touch-screen display

Software and support

ETT original software

- Genuine ETT Gustatometer OS Bata Edition

Service and warranty information

- 1 year limited warranty with mail-in professional engineer service and support

- 1 year full work hours coverage for technical assistance

- Online and email support available from ETT and the research community users

- Live immediate-ship loaner equipment available for support during experiments