How to use FIX in the BIF


Is any dongle available or required?

No, it is not

Where to find it in the BIF

All Linux computer; all servers, cell1, cell2, cell3 and cell4.

How to run it

FIX requires R and FSL. Please open terminal and load the environment you need with command:

1) module load fix/1.065 (for FIX 1.065 beta)

2a) module load fsl/5.0.10 (for FSL Version 5.0.10 - default) OR

2b) module load fsl/5.0.11 (for FSL Version 5.0.11 - with eddy patch 5.0.11) OR

2b) module load fsl/5.0.9 (for FSL Version 5.0.9)

3) module load R/3.4.0 (for R Version 3.4.0)

After you have loaded the environmets you need you can run FIX bei using fix command in terminal.

Current version

1.065 beta

More available information

FIX v1.065 beta